Early Childhood

Early childhood visits, for preschool to school age children, are fun visits for all of us. Your children are excited to participate in their own healthcare and love sharing stories about their life with us giving us a closer glimpse as to who they are becoming as a person. The professional yet friendly demeanor each CHC staff member displays speaks to this desire and allows us to build a meaningful and more trusting relationship with your child as they mature.

 Early Childhood Services


Early Childhood Resources:

Early Childhood Information: Picky Eating, Eating Veggies, Screen TimeDental Health

Development: Speech DevelopmentSpeech Concerns, Early Literacy, Educational Resources

Behavior Information: BehaviorDiscipline Methods,Behavior Problems

Mental Health Information: Mental Health DisordersMental Health Treatment

Car seat Information: Car Seat InfoCar Seat Solutions

Safety Information:Bath SafetyPet SafetyPet and Animal SafetyWater Safety, Sunscreen, Bike Safety, Winter Sport Safety

Please call your preferred CHC location in Newburyport or Haverhill to schedule an appointment for early childhood care with your pediatrician.