Our providers, when meeting with pre-teens, understand the exciting but sensitive time this is in your child's life. As your pre-teen goes through puberty, they require additional support and reassurance in the physical and hormonal changes they experience.

We understand the physical changes such as acne, growth spurts, and development of the reproductive organs that your child will go through during this time. Our providers discuss these changes with you and your child to ensure they are prepared for these changes.

Pre-Teen Services

  • Wellness checkups for school, sports, and camps
  • Immunizations
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Supports
  • School  supports
  • Sick visits
  • Special care coordination


Pre-Teen Resources:

Pre-Teen Information: Picky Eating, Eating Veggies, Screen TimeDental Health, Social Media

Development: Educational Resources

Behavior Information: BehaviorDiscipline Methods,Behavior Problems

Mental Health Information: Mental Health DisordersMental Health Treatment

Car seat Information: Car Seat InfoCar Seat Solutions

Safety Information: Water Safety, Sunscreen, Bike Safety, Winter Sport Safety


Please call your preferred CHC location in Newburyport or Haverhill to schedule an appointment for pre-teen.