Special Care Needs

Special Care Needs Consultation Services in Newburyport, MA

Children’s Health Care recognizes that children with special care needs often require a different approach to learning and communicating. It can be difficult to navigate through complex special care needs programs, such as the 504 Plan and the Individualized Educational Plan. From social skills and school behaviors to program application assistance, we offer our full support in your endeavor to raise a happy and healthy child.

Barbara Kneeland is our veteran special care coordinator, providing assistance to families of children with special care needs. She brings with her not only a background in nursing but also over 28 years of personal experience raising a son with special needs.

Our special care consultation services are exclusively reserved for the patients and parents of Children’s Health Care. To address your special care needs child’s concerns, please contact Childrens Health Care in Newburyport to to request a consultation with Barbara Kneeland.  You may also contact Barbara Kneeland directly with minor issues.

Contact Our Special Care Coordinator

Phone: (978) 388-7250

Fax: (978) 462-2922

Email: barbara.kneeland@chcmass.com

Hours: Monday – Thursday

Please be aware that Barbara receives a high volume of calls each day. She always does her very best to return calls the same business day but cannot always guarantee this. Your patience is much appreciated!  Email is often an easier way for both families and Barbara to communicate.  Please do not hesitate to utilize this option.

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