Teens Health Care in Newburyport & Haverhill, MA

About Teen Care

Our team of board-certified health care specialists are dedicated to the ongoing care of your child, even as they experience their teen years. During their middle school and high school years, your child will face new challenges in both their overall physical and social health.

The concerns and questions you have as a parent about your child’s physical, mental, and behavioral health are both valid and important, as no one knows your child better than you do. Our services are designed to support you in your endeavor to raise a happy and healthy teenager.


CHC understands the importance of mental well-being in the scope of your child’s overall health. Our dedicated team of physicians are not only available for wellness and sudden illness visits with extended weekday and weekend hours, they are also available for longer scheduled visits to address mental and behavioral concerns.

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug abuse, and anger are just a few of the health conditions that we address. We provide the following patient-centered care services for teens:

For complete care of your teenager, please contact your preferred CHC location in Newburyport or Haverhill to schedule a comprehensive health consultation.