Children’s Health Care understands the importance of this time in your child’s life: it’s when they will have huge developmental leaps in motor, language, and social development. We work with children and families to monitor their development during this dynamic time and provide appropriate supports and education.

Toddler care includes:


Toddler Resources:

Toddler Information: Sleep InfoNap Info, Sleep SolutionsTransitioning to Cups, Baby Gear Info, Picky Eating, Eating Veggies, Screen Time, Dental Health

Development: Speech DevelopmentSpeech Concerns, Early Literacy, Play, Potty Training

Behavior Information: BehaviorDiscipline Methods,Behavior Problems

Car seat Information: Car Seat InfoCar Seat Solutions

Safety Information:Bath SafetyPet SafetyPet and Animal SafetyWater Safety, Sunscreen, Bike Safety, Winter Sport Safety

Please call your preferred CHC location in Newburyport or Haverhill to schedule a wellness visit with your pediatrician for your toddler.